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Burn Rubber v. 2.1.2 Released
Burn Rubber version 2.1.2 has been released and is now available on the downloads page. If you have an old version please upgrade for FREE.

Burn Rubber: File Search Accelerator Released
We are proud to announce the new release of Burn Rubber: File Search Accelerator.

Pop-Up Monster 2004 Wins!
Pop-Up Monster 2004 has won half a dozen top shareware awards in it's first week at market!

A+ File Naming System Wins!!
Our A+ File Naming System has won over a dozen top shareware awards to date! Congradulations team!

Message Poster 2003

Message Poster 2003 is a very advanced USENET message posting tool designed for Newsgroup owners, administrators, and moderators. It will quickly and easily allow you to post messages to all of your newsgroups, from one group to 1000 groups.

WARNING: Usage of this application is restricted to authorized posting policies of your USENET server. Posting Spam/Scams with this software can result in loss of your posting privledges on your USENET server and possible termination of service by your ISP. Make sure you know the posting policies of the groups you are posting to.


* An easy to use interface, no confusing screens, no hard to find settings. And everything has context sensative help, so if you don't know, just hit F1.

* Manage multiple news servers with ease!

* Have a lot of groups to post with? Create a group list, and then 1 click will send your messages to all those groups, use it over and over!

* Have multiple attachments? You can attach them all to one message, or post a seperate message for each attachment automatically.

* Rotate subjects, senders, and sender e-mail addresses for maximum eye catching exposure.

* Automatically insert file names, random numbers, random characters, and more into your subject or message body using simple tags.

* Schedule messages to post daily, weekly, or monthly. Even select the day of the week or month to post on.

* Unassisted operation provides detailed log files of all posts.

* Specify the maximum number of cross post by server, speed up sending time, or increase the chances of your message being seen. Pick the balance that is right for you.

* Free Upgrades For Life

* World class service & support